New Zealand poker sites is dedicated to bringing poker players in New Zealand great poker rooms.

New Zealand poker sites are some of the best to play on, thanks to a friendly legal atmosphere and lack of taxes imposed by the government. In fact, in many independent surveys, the best poker sites New Zealand are ranked as some of the best in the entire world.

Nevertheless, it can be daunting for a Kiwi to find top rooms because of the many options available. That’s why our team put together this site, because we know how hard it can be to scour the Internet to find a great poker room. Most popular sites offer bonuses and freerolls, but our team has gone through and ranked each one to find the very best operating in 2024.

At a glance:

  • We find New Zealand players the best places to play online poker without the hassle of having to hunt around the Internet
  • Our site is operated by NZ players dedicated to finding great poker websites for Kiwis
  • NZ is thriving thanks to favourable legislation and no taxes on winnings


Our team of experts are all players from New Zealand who understand what's important to fellow poker-playing Kiwis. Whatever your preferred card game, our top priority is to find the best New Zealand online poker sites, compare and rank them against each other, and then present them to our readers so they can make an informed decision on which room to play on.

Even new players know that no two online poker rooms are really the same, which is why it's important to understand the differences between all of the most popular poker sites NZ. If you are a player looking to dive into the lucrative world of online poker, or a Texas Hold’em veteran looking for new online poker sites, NZ is one of the best countries to do it from and our site is the definitive place to get that information. Our team has been playing at top poker rooms on the net for years, and knows the difference between bad rooms and sites considered to be the best. Having gone through all legal sites available in 2024, our team has gone through an exhaustive process to rate each one on multiple categories to present to you the very best of the best.

Our team's goal is to bring players the best sites online so they don't have to hunt around the Internet to find legal poker rooms.


For grinders trying to find the best online poker sites, NZ is actually one of the best places on Earth to be. As it turns out, New Zealand is one of the friendliest countries to play poker in thanks to legislation. This has attracted many poker sites to operate in our country, and also has enticed many foreign players to relocate here as well, because of the lack of taxes on winnings. Players can sit down with various currencies, as most sites do support NZD, but some convert over to others like Euros, American Dollars or even British Pounds. Either way, it's free and legal for Kiwis to grind New Zealand poker sites!


Playing at New Zealand poker sites can have many different advantages.

Playing on the Internet is a lot more convenient than playing at a casino, since there is no drive time, parking and hassle involved with booting up your computer. Also, players receive exclusive welcome bonuses at all sites they join.

On top of this, players can play multiple tables simultaneously and even balance out playing multiple cash games and tournaments at the same time. As players improve, they go up in stakes, with all top sites offering a wide range of games starting at micro stakes tables and ending with nosebleed games. If you're willing to grind, there's no telling what your income might be from playing online poker as many solid players making a full time salary by playing a good, consistent game at the tables.


Our review process for all poker sites online is extremely rigorous. Each one is rated by our staff based on many different factors. Some of these criteria include security, safety, turnaround time of deposits and withdrawals, quality of the games, and many others. Our Kiwi team, made up entirely of poker players in New Zealand, has gone through and audited each site comprehensively to make sure the information we post on our site is up to date and accurate.


We appreciate you visiting our site and want to let you know that we're Kiwi poker players too! Check out our featured links for the top places to find the best NZ poker sites and get an incredible offer right now from some of the best sites on the planet!