The Best No Download Poker Sites

If you do not wish to download and install software on your computer involving poker sites, no download technology allows you to make that happen.

Many players use a computer such as an Apple Mac or an Ubuntu laptop which are not Windows-based and therefore do not have a native software application available.

Others, meanwhile, simply like to avoid having any gambling software or wagering apps installed on their machines. Both groups of players, however, can use the option to log in to their favourite poker room and play by using the no download poker sites.

On this page, we'll look at what instant play poker rooms are available to players, their advantages and disadvantages, and how we've found the very best poker software that isn't downloaded available.

At a glance:

  • Poker rooms without download software are ones where the software loads up inside a modern web browser
  • The advantages include: no footprint on your local system and being able to log in from various computers to get the same on-table experience
  • Players using this option get the same bonuses and games that the regular players get


While the majority of online grinders in NZ use Windows PCs, there are a growing number that use Macs. For this burgeoning group, when it comes to poker sites, the option to play without downloading software becomes a lifesaver.

Some poker rooms solve this issue by doubling as flash poker sites, which is a technology owned by Adobe and requires a third-party plugin that is fairly standard to most users. Others get by through use of a Java Runtime environment that loads up in most modern web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.


While poker instant play has been around for years, thanks to major strides in browser technology and programming, the industry has seen some very slick poker room options that don't require downloaded software.

When some users log in via their native local application or via a web browser to their favourite online poker sites, no download games usually look nearly identical to the native software. While it might not have been a great option a few years ago, these days, playing poker online without download looks great and gives most of the functionality players expect.


The main advantage to using no download poker sites is that there is nothing to download and install on your computer and wherever you have a reliable Internet connection and modern web browser, you can log in and play.

Many people take security very seriously or even want to get in some hands at work where their computers will not allow them to install software. Instant play poker rooms solve this problem, as there is nothing to install and after you clear your browsing history, and nothing to prove you were ever logging in to win some money at the tables.


One major disadvantage of poker sites' games that don't download is that they are often incompatible with hand history programs like Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 3.

These programs offer a huge edge at the Texas Hold'em cash game tables, given that their HUD overlay displays a real-time feed of data on all opponents at your tables. Another disadvantage is that multi-tabling using a web browser can be a lot harder (but not impossible) than within a native client.


Players in New Zealand that look at poker sites' no download software as their main interface often wonder if they are eligible for the same bonuses and offers given to regular players. The good news for Kiwi players is that whether you play via no download poker software, on flash poker sites, or on a native poker software client, all players are eligible for the same welcome bonuses and offers.


Whether you are a NZ player that is looking for no download poker rooms or just for traditional poker sites in order to log in and play some Texas Hold'em or Omaha, our team of Kiwi poker players can recommend all the top sites to you within these pages.

Be sure to check out our links to the best rooms available in NZ, as we test and audit every site, both the poker sites' no download option and the Internet room's regular software client. We also compare and rank each site based on the quality of the software, its real money bonuses, level of security, reputation, turnaround time for deposits or withdrawals, and range of games. If you're after top online poker sites' no download clients, and play poker in New Zealand, you've come to right place.