The Best Online Poker Sites for iPhone

If you are a grinder looking to join iPhone poker sites, new applications are now available that allow you to play real money games wherever you take your beloved Apple portable device.

Due to the popularity of both the iPhone and iPad, NZ consumers who like to frequent poker sites on the web have been busy browsing native iOS apps in the App Store.

On this page we'll examine both the advantages and disadvantages of playing mobile poker on an iPhone, look at why players should be careful when joining new sites, and give some great tips for when you put in a cash session while you are on the go.

At a glance:

  • If you are choosing iPhone poker sites, ensure you choose the safest and most secure ones
  • It's preferable to join sites for iPhone that offer a native Apple iOS application
  • iPhone poker sites do offer some great deposit and withdrawal options


When logging in and playing at various poker sites, Apple iPhone play can be a richly rewarding experience. Being able to log in and entertain yourself with the thrill of winning pots at Texas Hold'em or even Omaha is a heck of a lot more fun than playing Candy Crush for the millionth time!

But while keeping yourself entertained is a nice benefit, the biggest advantage is being able to earn some extra money at the tables when you otherwise wouldn't have been able to.

At the best online sites, iPhone users will be able to put in more hands, get better, win money and at the very least, keep their game sharp. It's for these benefits that many players invest in Apple devices, be it an iPad, iPod or iPhone.


Poker sites' iPhone applications are not necessarily available to all of the top rooms. Be sure to read the details about all our recommended poker rooms to make sure you jump into legit card games and benefit from amazing bonuses, plus great software.

By not choosing one of our links to the recommended sites, Apple iPhone users put themselves at risk as there are many shady operators on the Internet. Do yourself a favour and always pick an online room that has been ranked and tested by our seasoned staff of New Zealand based Texas Hold'em nuts.


When you scour the net for good poker sites, Apple iPhone compatible ones will be highlighted.

The top websites will usually have a native Apple iOS application available for download in the App Store. Apple has set the legal precedent that poker rooms are allowed to post free-to-download apps in their App Store in New Zealand because laws allow for real money gaming within our borders.

A native app for the iPhone will be the preferred method to interact because it will be specifically designed and programmed to work with your interface. Some web browser-compatible rooms might load up but will hardly be stable. Stick to the rooms that offer native apps and you'll be fine.


While there is plenty of upside, there can be disadvantages to downloading sites' iPhone games.

The major negative point is that apps only allow players to sit at one table, and not multi-table as most rooms allow you to do.

Since online poker sites' iPhone play is limited to only one table at a time, we recommend joining "speed" poker games since this represents a way to play a lot of hands while sitting at just one seat. Many sites offer this format for both tournaments and cash games.


For the best online poker sites iPhone users can play on today, be sure to check out the rooms our expert Kiwi staff have chosen on these pages. Our team has found the best places to get your poker fix - and our opinions are respected across the industry.

We test, compare and compile rankings on every major poker site, so you can access our reviews in no time. If you are looking for a top iPhone site that offers a great NZ deposit bonus, superb software, top-notch customer support and a great track record on security, look no further.