Let's examine which poker rooms have the most fish, define what a fish and a shark are, let you know which NZ based sites have the most fish, and let you know how we have found the easiest poker sites to play on in 2024.

Playing at the easiest poker sites you can find is always a smart move. With Texas Hold'em or Omaha card games becoming so popular, and players getting more skilled at them, you want to avoid the seasoned veterans of online poker and prey on the weak.

Playing at these types of Internet poker rooms represent the highest potential ROI (return on investment) for every session put in, as opposed to tables infested with "regs" (regular players) where the potential ROI is reduced.

It all comes down to players putting themselves in the best situation possible to win, and finding the easiest poker sites to win money at makes that possible.

At a glance:

  • The easiest sites tends to offer top promotions and bonuses too
  • We've found the fishiest poker sites by going through each one and rating them
  • In 2024, you will find all of the easiest sites to win money among these pages


Playing at the easiest poker sites online is a very smart move that all poker players need to make. While playing poker is fun – you wouldn't do it otherwise - the goal is to win as much money as possible.

OK, that sounds pretty simple, but if you are losing money over the long-term, trickling NZ dollars down the drain slowly, you're going to get pretty sick of Texas Hold'em after a while.


So, how do you know where to look? At the best online poker sites, fish will not be rare, and you'll quickly be able to spot them. Players should always be making notes at tables to mark various opponents as fish if they make terrible plays or play in way too many pots.

Some hand history software programs like Poker Tracker - now in its fourth edition - and Holdem Manager are able to make notes on players automatically and even feature table scanning software to let you know which tables are the best to play on. These scanners can even go through all of the easiest poker sites simultaneously so you can even swap between multiple sites if you so choose.


If you are not familiar with poker terminology, a fish is a player who plays poorly and who consistently loses pots.

Typically, fish will play loose and get involved in way too many pots pre-flop. This is often because they don’t know which hands to let go of. And because of their inexperience, they often let go of hands quickly post-flop. Often, you will find that they call and raise with big hands, but they will also chase draws and hope for miracles. Always rememeber that, just like you, fish can have a lucky streak. However, their luck won’t last forever. At any one of the best online poker sites, fish can easily be spotted in a matter of minutes, so long as you are paying attention. Because online poker is gaining popularity amongst Kiwi poker nuts, most of the top Internet card rooms actually rank as some of the easiest poker sites to play on in the world.


A shark is a player who is a consistent winner who regularly makes the best plays possible. They are always found at tables, taking money from fish, and they enjoy profits every month.

Every beginning poker player aspires to be a shark, constantly on the lookout for the best fish sites to play on. At some of the major poker rooms on the net, sharks can be regularly found grinding away, and it's best for beginners to avoid tables with a lot of these players sitting at them.

In 2024, there are a lot of sharks out there on the web, but smart players with the right tools can still find amazingly juicy tables to play at to maximise their ROI. In time, with practice, you'll become the shark, hunting out the easiest poker sites to win money.


As a rule of thumb, the easiest sites tend to be ones that have a sportsbook or casino affiliated with it. Casino players typically hit a big jackpot playing blackjack, table games or slots, and decide to try their luck at poker, where they have absolutely no skill whatsoever.

Other times, sports gamblers take their winnings to a poker tournament, representing dead money. Either way, the easiest sites to win money at are typically ones where gamblers venture to the poker tables; that's where you can pounce.


Despite some regulars advising that you only play at the big poker sites, there are plenty of amazing rooms filled with fish doing business in New Zealand. As always, just make sure you find a safe, legit room to play at.

Our expert team of Kiwi poker players have gone through and found the fishiest sites the Internet has to offer. Our writers are all poker players based in NZ, and we test and compile ratings on each site based on the standard of play, the overall player pools, variety and number of games on offer, as well as the quality of the software and deposit bonuses.

Playing Texas Hold'em or any variant against the fish will increase your bankroll and make that deposit bonus much easier to activate. Check out our top links today to find some of the best places on the web to get your poker fix. Let's all go fishing!