The Best Mac Online Poker Sites

For years, tech geeks have been applauding the job Apple has done in bringing incredible devices into consumers' homes.

Whether it's the iMac computer, MacBook Pro, or one of the iOS devices like an iPad or iPhone, Apple users are thrilled with the performance levels they get. There is little doubt in 2024 that for everyday computing, getting a Macintosh is the way to go if you have the budget.

Years ago, for online poker players, there was a general lack of support from just about every online poker site. However, since the percentage of Mac owners continues to climb, poker sites have taken note and are now catering to this demographic. Now, when logging into various sites, Mac users can participate without having to jump through any technical hoops.

At a Glance:

  • The popularity of Apple Mac computers has forced poker rooms to build software compatible to Apple products
  • Native OS X clients are going to offer the best possible experience, but there are other options, including "no download" play
  • Apple does allow real-money gaming apps in their App Store, but only from countries where poker rooms have the necessary licensing and permissions where the App is used
  • We've gone through and rated each of the Apple Mac compatible legal sites and compared them against each other to find the best
  • Yes, it's possible to play real money poker on an iPad or iPhone, even if there is no app available in the App Store


When choosing great sites, Mac users in New Zealand need to pay attention to see if a native Mac OS X client is available.

Online sites will typically have a download page and have two icons, a Windows logo and the Apple Mac logo. Simply click on the appropriate logo and the file that works for your Apple Mac computer will download.


When it comes to poker sites, Mac users are well catered for, and players into gambling are always recommended to play at rooms that offer a native client that can be downloaded and installed locally.

If that is not available, Internet rooms will offer a "no download" version that will run using a Java Runtime environment inside a compatible modern web browser, such as Chrome or FireFox. While this option is totally viable and works great, it is not preferred over "true" Mac poker sites.


One quick tip on poker sites: Mac compatible rooms are fairly common but those that have iOS apps for iPhones and iPads are somewhat rare. Most grinders are rather impatient and want to find a way to make it happen, and fortunately, we have a solution for you.

There are some screen-sharing utilities, such as Splashtop or TeamViewer, that allow an iPhone or iPad to dial back into your home computer. Simply install the software on both your handheld device and your home computer, and you'll be able to boot up your favourite Apple Mac poker room and be playing as if you were natively on your iPad or iPhone! While there might be some lag, it's a great way to get in some extra hands if you find yourself with some free time on the road.


The worst thing a NZ player can do is hunt through the Internet to randomly search for information to find a good poker room.

If you are looking for poker sites' Mac compatibility, be sure to check our top list of reviews. Our recommended poker sites represent the absolute best available to Kiwi players. Our team is made up of local players who love a card game or two, and who are so dedicated have deposited their own hard-earned cash on the sites listed on our pages.


We go through all NZ sites to rate them against a whole heap of criteria. Our rankings are second-to-none, and our opinions respected throughout the community. Check out our top comparisons and find a poker room that works for you.