The Top Poker Apps For Android

Since there is no duplicating the thrill of winning a big pot while playing Texas Hold'em or Omaha at an online poker site, poker players are junkies that want to get their fix whenever possible.

Thanks to incredible leaps in technology and broadband speeds, Android users are able to get into their favourite poker sites wherever they take their portable devices. Such Android apps are now standard, and on this page we'll outline the advantages, disadvantages and reasons to look for the best sites on the net. We'll also examine why you should always pick a native app over other options.

At a glance:

  • There are a lot of top poker sites available that have Android-compatible apps
  • Don't miss out on great bonuses, promotions, and juicy tables
  • Our team of poker players has already rated all of the top Android friendly poker sites


Android compatibility has been around for a few years with many top sites. The industry has seen major adoption in 2024 due to the rising demand from players to play from their preferred mobile devices.

Thanks to the incredible architecture of both smartphones and tablets, powered by the impressive operating system that Google has put together, poker websites have been able to hire developers to create incredible apps native to the platform that bring the excitement of your favourite card game to phones and tablets.


The best online poker sites Android owners can play on represent a lot of benefits to Texas Hold'em players in New Zealand.

By being able to tap into Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE, devices in NZ can access poker sites and get you into the action, whatever the place or time.

This represents a heck of a lot more fun than playing a rehash video game while on the road or on the couch. Android apps also allow players to get in extra hands every single day, meaning the volume and profits seen will increase. Players could conceivably get enough extra hands in to even pay for their mobile bill!

Another great benefit to Android games at online poker sites is that by constantly playing, players can stay on top of their game if they are on the road for an extended time.


Whether you play on a Google Android tablet or phone, or from your home computer, you should always play at a top rated poker site.

The rooms listed on these pages are all Kiwi-friendly, legal in New Zealand, offer great bonuses, have tremendous promotions, and boast fishy tables. Plus, they've all been audited by our team of locally based players for security, safety and customer service.

All poker sites, Android based or not, are not created equal, and if you choose a poker room at random off the Internet, it could result in the loss of your entire bankroll, and worse, even your identity information.


While on the go, playing at the best online poker sites, Android users should always interface with a native application. These apps have been specifically designed with your device in mind to present the best possible user experience.

You'll find that they have superior art design, amazing user interfaces and very little lag time. At some sites, Google Android compatibility simply means you have to log in using Google Chrome or another compatible web browser, which will result in a lesser experience. Make sure you always stick to the native app, if available.


There are some disadvantages to keep in mind for Android play.

First, players will not be able to multi-table and can usually only sit at one table during a session. It's because of this we recommend sitting at "speed" games where the format allows you to be dealt a hand the second you fold.

Also, poker sites for Android might require a very solid and steady Internet connection, so make sure you have a good cell signal or reliable Wi-Fi service, otherwise you may time out of a hand that could have won you a big pot.


For the top Internet gambling experience, check out our recommended sites within these pages. Our crack team of New Zealand online poker nuts has gone through all legal poker sites, Android devices in hand, to test and compare each on a wide spectrum of categories. We make sure we rank them so you know very clearly which are the best of the bunch. Get a top deposit bonus on your phone today, and start winning real money right away via your Android.