While there are a bunch of good poker sites in New Zealand to play on, only a choice few offer a lot of poker traffic.

The rising popularity of online poker sites in NZ has allowed some to grow exponentially, causing massive spikes in traffic during peak hours for Kiwis.

This is a trend that all poker players here should pay attention to, because peak hour traffic represents the times of the day when all the fish come out to spew their bankrolls to the sharks.

On this page we'll examine the most popular poker sites, the importance of poker traffic, how we've found the best sites for NZ peak times, and why Kiwis are some of the luckiest folks in the world when it comes to online poker.

At a glance:

  • Our team has found the most popular poker sites with premium NZ peak times
  • The highest traffic poker sites in New Zealand offer short waiting times and bigger prize pools
  • Our team of Kiwi poker players has found the best online poker sites with the most traffic


Poker sites' highest traffic times are called "peak hours", and are when the fishies come out to play at the tables in their droves.

Typically these times are after work during the weekday and anytime during the weekend. Noting the peak hours of traffic is something that all sharks regularly do. Profitable players and professionals alike make a point to always put in sessions during peak hours. Most sites tend to have different high traffic times, depending on where the majority of their players are located - this is very important to Kiwi players, because if you play at online poker sites based in another country, the peak times may not match up with our schedules on the other side of the world.


Poker sites' most popular hours are something you should get familiar with. Being able to consistently put in sessions at peak hours at the poker sites' highest traffic times will ensure you maximise your potential ROI (return on investment).

All of the top NZ-based players have made this a habit, and you should as well to make the most money possible, be it at Texas Hold'em, Omaha or whatever your card game of choice might be.

CHOOSING THE MOST POPULAR POKER SITES is run by New Zealand poker players, for New Zealand players, and we are intimately familiar with the poker landscape. We've played at all Internet rooms licensed to do business here, and have marked when peak hours occur at each one of the websites.

For the highest traffic, poker sites generally will rank the highest in other categories too: the best bonuses, top software, great customer support, and safest security measures. Whenever sites rank high, they tend to become a hot spot with players. Therefore, they get even more popular and attract even more players.


Some new players might be wondering why lots of traffic is a good thing.

There are actually a lot of reasons players should look for poker rooms that are highly populated. The first reason is that the most popular poker sites tend to have the most fish, which means players can win the most at these tables. Second, if there is a lot of traffic, there tends to be no wait times to join games at various stakes. After all, it sucks to be hanging around for an hour waiting for that Sit 'n' Go to fill up. Finally, at extremely popular sites, tournaments will get more entries, which equates to larger prize pools. For players wanting to qualify online for big live tournaments, they will find even more big satellites at the most popular online poker sites.


Players in New Zealand are extremely lucky as poker is becoming ever more popular within our borders. Because the game is completely legal to play and there are no taxes imposed on winning players, people from all over the world are relocating to live here, especially Americans who are denied online poker back home.

Due to this phenomenon, online poker sites are taking note and offering lucrative bonuses to attract this budding player base to their websites.


Our opinions count, so make sure you read our top list of reviews, and click on some of the links we've recommended. Hopefully you'll find some of the best places to play Hold'em against thousands of other online poker enthusiasts. For a top Internet site today, study our comparisons and get winning!