Online Poker with Credit Cards

When using cards, poker sites are extremely welcoming; in fact, cards like Visa are one of the most popular ways for Kiwis to deposit funds at their favourite real money poker rooms.

The vast majority of adults have credit cards with limits that easily allow an NZ currency deposit in minutes. Cards are incredibly easy to use, very safe, and widely accepted.

At a glance:

  • Cards can be a very advantageous way for Kiwi players to deposit funds at their favourite poker sites
  • When depositing NZ funds with credit cards, poker sites will be safe to play on
  • Our expert team of New Zealand poker players has found the best poker sites accepting such cards for payment


There are two major cards that poker sites accept: MasterCard and Visa. Both are well-respected companies, and many Kiwi players carry at least one of each in their wallets at all times.

Getting your hands on a credit card can be done easily from many reputable websites. Players should look at cards that offer a points/rewards programme, as some offer anywhere between 1-2% back in cash on all transactions. Getting a rewards-based Visa or MasterCard can be a great way to get funds back on all your monthly charges, including depositing cash on Internet poker rooms.


We recommend poker sites accepting these cards for two major reasons - safety and convenience. Due to the many layers of security installed at both Visa and MasterCard, there's a very small chance of fraud ever occurring. By using this method, poker players in NZ can confidently deposit without having to worry about any of the risks.

Both MasterCard and Visa are world renowned for their safety and customer service. There are a lot of security precautions taken by both companies, including a three-digit security verification code on the back of all cards that allow payment processors to verify the authenticity of the card.

Also, both Visa and MasterCard are able to assist all poker customers with their robust real-time fraud protection technology, which monitors and screens all purchases. If there is any unusual activity, the company will put a temporary hold on the card and alert the cardholder with an email, text message, phone call, and in some cases, all three simultaneously.


To deposit funds on a top poker website using your preferred credit card, simply head over to the Cashier and click on the "Make a Deposit" button. You will then be prompted to pick a credit card type, typically either Visa or MasterCard. At that point, simply enter in your credit card number, your personal details (name, address, etc), and your security verification code. After a few short moments, the transaction will be processed and the funds will be instantly credited to your account.

Taking your money out is just as easy. Withdraw money back to your credit card via the cash-out service on your site, but make sure you know exactly what fees, if any, and cash-out limits are in place before signing up to a poker room.

THE BEST POKER SITES ACCEPTING CREDIT CARDS is run by Kiwi poker players for Kiwi poker players, so we know exactly what you want in a real money poker site.

Our expert team compiles reviews and rankings of all major online rooms, and we even deposit our own cash so that we can test each room out to get our money in and out safely and quickly.

We make this part of the online poker experience one of the major criteria when ranking our top sites. Check out our top links today, and find one of the superb poker sites accepting credit cards in New Zealand today. Our pages are full of the best deals right now. Choose a room and start winning!