The Top Mobile Poker Sites

If you are a casual or serious online poker player, being able to play strictly from your home computer isn't good enough anymore.

In 2024, the reality is online players in New Zealand are armed with amazing smartphones and tablets that have access to the Internet anywhere, meaning there's now a huge demand for mobile poker.

Here we'll examine the benefits of mobile poker sites, what you should be looking for in a poker room if you want to access it via your cell or portable device, and discuss some of the limitations playing on this platform represents.

At a glance:

  • Being able to play safe and secure real money mobile poker
  • Grinders should be aware that there are some limitation when it comes to mobile poker sites, specifically, multi-tabling
  • Our team of poker players have found the best mobile poker sites with the most deposit options


There are various benefits to playing real money mobile games from your smartphone or tablet.

To begin with, being able to play on the road and get in some extra cash game hands is a heck of a lot more entertaining than watching cat videos for the millionth time on YouTube!

Another great reason is that if you find yourself on the road for an extended time, playing mobile poker can be a great way to keep your skills sharp and your mindset in the right place. In addition, getting in these extra hands should mean some extra profits, and in no time you'll be activating that deposit bonus you've been striving for so long. This is why all players at mobile poker sites should consider joining sites with mobile apps.


If mobile sites are important to you, an important thing to remember is that not every poker site offers real money games via an app. For owners of the two most popular mobile poker platforms, Apple iPhone/iPad and Android, chances are that most of the top sites already have an app available in their respective App Stores. If you look at one of our top recommended sites, mobile options will be available to you. Just be sure to check out the ones we have listed and see if they have a native app.

Poker sites are able to release Apps on iOS in New Zealand because laws allow real money games within our borders. Online sites for mobile phones are actually not that new to the industry. In fact, for the last few years they have been in full operation in Europe and are now making their way to NZ. Because so many players are relocating here, new sites are opening up and trying to make their card rooms extremely accessible to attract new customers. Because of this, mobile poker has never been hotter in New Zealand or the industry as a whole.


If you decide to play remotely at your favourite poker sites, mobile phone play will represent some limitations. Specifically, most native poker applications will only allow a player to play one table at a time. This means that most players that enjoy multi-tabling will have to adjust their expectations. For the majority of the best sites, mobile players could turn to "speed" games (either cash or tournaments) that allow for extremely quick play due to the fact that as soon as you fold, you're dealt another hand.


If your favourite poker room does not have a mobile option, you might have another option available to you until they do.

While it is far from a perfect solution, you can download and install a screensharing application on your mobile device and home computer (such as TeamViewer or Splashtop) and access your home computer through your phone or tablet and get hands in that way. Again, it's far from ideal and you are much better served simply joining specific online sites for mobile phones.


Our team of Kiwi-based poker players has gone through and rated every mobile room available to people in New Zealand. Considering all poker sites, mobile ones included, we test and compare each room based on security, safety, quality of the games, how well the software operates, and overall user experience. We then present the best in class on these pages to make sure our readers know where to go to find the best online poker sites with mobile apps.

Our opinions and comparisons are respected throughout the industry, so make the right choice today and follow the links on this site. In no time you'll be playing and winning online at some of the best places to play poker on the net.