Finding a Great Poker Sites Bonus

Poker sites' bonus offers are among the biggest advantages to playing online versus playing at a live casino.

When you consider even the smallest real money online poker sites, bonus offers are plentiful for the savvy NZ cash player.

So, for those Kiwi online Texas Hold'em players who don't even want to consider the paltry free buffet tokens on offer from the their local brick 'n' mortar casino, read on.

At a glance:

  • Online poker sites offer welcome bonuses as a way of enticing new players to sign up to them
  • Our team rates bonus offers not just on their size, but how easily they are unlocked
  • If you are interested in finding a new poker site with top security, we know where to look


Everyone knows that real money online poker on the internet is more convenient than its live cousin, the games are fishier, and the sites offer free bonuses when you join, plus reward regulars with ongoing juicy extras.

Our team has gone through and found the best poker sites available to fellow New Zealand poker players that offer the best bonuses. We love gambling as much as you, and it's our goal to inform you about the great bonuses on offer year-round, teach you how to take advantage of them, and make sure you get hooked up with the best possible poker sites bonuses available.


Hold your horses - it is important to understand from the beginning that poker sites' bonus offers are not immediately given to players the moment they make a deposit.

Instead, what a grinder will need to do is understand the rules for unlocking the bonus. The best online poker sites bonuses will be ones that offer a lot of money and, perhaps more importantly, be realistic for you to unlock. Players unlock their bonuses typically in chunks by putting in hands at real money tables.


A good poker room could offer you a million dollar bonus, but if it's impossible to unlock a single dollar, what's the point to it? As a general rule of thumb, the higher in stakes you play and the more hands you get in, the quicker any of the best poker sites bonuses will be unlocked and credited into your account.

The reason that poker sites' bonus offers exist is because players are converting over from playing in live casinos and there's still hyper-competition for online players in the industry. Due to the low overhead associated to operating an online poker room, these sites can share their savings to anyone sitting down at their card games. This brings in new players to their site and makes these new players happy because everyone loves free money. It's a nice win-win that exists at this time that should remain for the foreseeable future.


While new bonus offers at poker sites will get the most headlines, remember that many poker websites run promotions well beyond their welcome package.

Another important factor to consider when joining new poker sites on the web is to look at the poker sites bonuses beyond the welcome bonus, as these can be just as lucrative for card game players. In fact, some players make a living just from the rewards that some rooms offer.


The best poker bonus sites offer a wide range of freebies, including the aforementioned welcome bonus, regular freerolls for players, player loyalty point redemption for real money bonuses, whatever your currency, and much more. Some of the best online poker sites bonuses include free satellites to bigger tournaments or even WSOP events, so be sure to look for those as well.

Always look at how a poker room's rewards and bonus program will stack up against others operating on the Internet, because you do not want to end up at a site that just offers a good new player bonus and then never gives you anything ever again.


Even Kiwis that have been playing online poker for years can get lost in the fine print when it comes to various poker sites bonus offers. This is the reason why our team of NZ-based players have compiled these pages so that we could inform our readers of the best bonuses available - and what it takes to unlock them.

We've gone through and looked at the fine print, checked out all the bonus offers, and rated each to find the best poker sites bonuses. We test every site to save you the hassle: our comparisons are meticulous, our opinions well respected, and our rankings unrivalled. If a site offers a terrible bonus, we won't list it. It's that simple.

So, before you start making deposits all over the place, check our ratings and find out the best way for Texas Hold'em and Omaha players to get great online poker sites bonus deals today. We've found the best bonus sites for Kiwis to play on, so jump into a killer offer today!